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How to Borrow Money from OPay without BVN

OPAY Loan without BVN

Getting a loan without BVN is what most people are seeking because of the inability of the lender to access their bank account and remove their money when they default.

However, it’s advisable to repay your loan so that you credit score will be at normal rate. Although, borrowing money from OPay without BVN is possible but with limitations.

More so, some people seeking to get a loan without BVN are doing that just because they haven’t register for the bank verification number and they’re seriously in need of money to sort out some financial needs.

Furthermore, whatever reasons that makes you to be looking for loans without BVN, I got you covered in this post. I’ve explored this article for the purpose of teaching you how to borrow money your OPay Account without BVN.

However, before you can borrow money from OPay without BVN, there are some certain criteria and eligibility requirements you must meet to get the Loan.

Requirements to Borrow Money from OPay without BVN

Here are the basic requirements and criteria to request for a loan on OPay without BVN.

  • Be at least 18 years
  • Must have basic OPay Account
  • Working Email and Phone Number
  • OPay Mobile Banking App

If you meet all these criteria and requirements, then you’re eligible to apply for OPAY Loan without BVN.

How to get a Loan from OPay without BVN

To borrow a money from Opay without BVN, follow the below instructions;

  • Create a Basic (Tier 1) account with Opay. To create OPay Account;
    • Download the OPAY app on Google play store or Apple app store for iPhone users.
    • Launch the app and tap on “Register an Account”
    • Fill in your accurate information such as full names, date of birth and address.
    • Input your email address and setup a unique password.
    • Tap on “Create an Account” to complete your registration.
  • Next, apply for a loan on the Opay App through Easemoni or Okash. 
  • Keep in mind that, you’ll only be eligible for small loan amounts until you link your BVN.

Alternatively, you can also borrow money from your OPay Account through USSD. To get a loan without BVN from OPay via USSD code, dial *955# on your OPay registered phone number and follow the onscreen prompts to complete your loan application.

FAQs about OPay Loan without BVN

How much can I borrow from OPay for the first time?

As a first time borrower, you’re eligible to borrow upto N5,000 without a BVN limked to your OPay Account.

How to borrow money from OPay on iPhone?

To borrow money from OPay on iPhone, you’ll need to download the OPAY app on the iOS app store. Then, register an account, link your bvn and access the OKash or Easimoni to apply for loan.

Opay Loan USSD code?

You can access OPAY Loan via USSD by using the following code – *955#

How to Access OPay Loan?

To access OPAY Loan, Login to your OPay Account uisng your user ID and password. Navigate to Loan and choose between OKash and Easimoni to access the OPAY Loan.

How can I borrow money without BVN?

Where to borrow money without BVN?: You can simply borrow money without BVN on OPAY App. All you need to do is create an account with OPay and make use of it loan features (OKash and Easimoni) to apply for loan without BVN.

Does OPay Require BVN?

Yes, you must link BVN to your OPay account to lift every limits and to be able to get higher loan disbursement.

How to add BVN to OPay?

To link BVN to OPay Account, tap on ‘Profile’ from your dashboard, tap on upgrade, input your bank verification number and tap ‘Link’. However, make sure the name on the BVN correspond with the name on your OPay Account.


How to borrow money without BVN has been made easy with OPay. Through Okash and Easemoni Loan Features on the OPay App, you can get a loan without BVN, collateral or paper work.

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