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Here is the List of Countries using OPAY

List of Countries OPay Operate In

OPAY has emerged to several countries across the world offering mobile payment services. According to 2021 analytics by the Asian bankers, the e-payment platform has 15 million customers in Africa, spread across Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, and several other African countries.

Furthermore, according to piece of information on the payment service website, OPay is a Digital Payment Services Limited Company founded by Opere Group, a software company, and has footprints in emerging markets across Asia, Africa and Latin America in countries like Mexico, Nigeria, Egypt and Pakistan.

OPay was launched to bring banking services to more than 60% of unbanked people in Africa. People that can’t access the most basic financial services to invest in their education and businesses, which limits their full potential.

OPay was founded in 2018 as a Chinese-backed and Africa-focused fintech company. It raised about $400 million Series C in August 2021, led by SoftBank Vision Fund, scaling its worth to $2 billion. The company has attracted major investors in China, including Source Code Capital, Redpoint China, 3W Capital, Sequoia Capital China and Dragonball Capital.

In a nutshell, below are countries in which OPAY operates;

  1. Nigeria
  2. Ghana
  3. Uganda
  4. Tanzania
  5. Kenya
  6. Mexico
  7. Egypt
  8. Pakistan
  9. China
  10. Rwanda
  11. South Africa

Is OPAY a Bank?

OPAY is a Mobile Money Service Bank. It can also be called a Digital Bank. The company offers almost all banking services including money transfer, bill payment and many others.

Who Owns OPAY?

OPAY is owned by a Chinese Software Company, Opera Group.

Can OPay receive Dollars?

OPay can only receive money from abroad through WorldRemit as an intermediary bank. The funds received will be converted in the equivalent to Naira before it’s been credited to your OPay Account Balance.

Can OPAY send money Internationally?

No, OPAY can only send money within countries it operate in. However, you can receive foreign currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, CAD and AUD to your OPay Account through the use of intermediary bank like WorldRemit.

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