First Bank 30 Digit Session ID (Here’s How to Get/Find)

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First Bank 30 Digit Session ID

Getting 30-digit session ID from First Bank has been made simple in this tutorial. But get started, what is session ID?

Session ID is a unique 30 digit code that’s linked to every transaction receipt in a financial institution. The session ID can be used to trace and track transaction entry

Nigeria Banks and Finance Solutions :

The First Bank 30 digit session ID is an unique identifier that’s associated with every initiated transaction’s receipt on FBN customers’ account.

The 30 digit session numbers can be used by any financial institutions in Nigeria to trace and keep record of a particular transaction.

First Bank session ID/transaction ID is created when a transaction is first initiated. It doesn’t matter if the transaction is successful or not. A transfer receipt will always be generated when a transaction is initiated, so do session ID.

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How to get First Bank 30 Digit Session ID

Use the methods below to get First Bank 30 digits session ID:

Internet Banking

  • Login to your First Bank account
  • Navigate to Transactions History in your online banking dashboard
  • In the History page, find the particular transaction receipt and tap on it to view more details
  • On the receipt, you will find the 30 digit session ID of the transfer.

Mobile Banking App

  • Login your First Bank Account via Mobile banking app using your user ID and password
  • Tap on History and search for the particular transaction receipt in question
  • Tap on the Receipt to view more details. There, you’ll see the 30 digit session ID/reference number.


If your First Bank account receive alert via email, you can simply get your session ID through the receipt sent to your email.

To do that,

  • Go-to your Email app, search for the particular transaction and tap on the email
  • All the necessary details needed about the transaction including session ID, amount, date and more will be shown.

In summary, First Bank 30 digits session ID is a unique identification numbers that can be used to track, trace and manage transactions entry in your bank account.

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