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3D Digital Billboard: Alpha and Jam Launches Maslow, Africa’s First 3D Digital Billboard

Maslow, the Africa's First 3D Digital Billboard

A media company, Alpha and Jam has redefining how out-of-home campaigns are being done in Africa. With Lagos as their first focus, the company has come with unlimited potential of technology to enhance how advertising and marketing are done. To make this innovative works out, the company launches Maslow, Africa’s first 3D digital advertising billboard.

Maslow is the first Truecorner LED screen billboard in West Africa and the largest 3D digital billboard in Africa. Maslow is launched to change the Nigerian and global advertising markets. The billboard is a great engineering achievement that distinguishes itself from other digital billboards with its interactive and data-sensitive capabilities.

Maslow 3D Digital Billboard

In addition to Maslow capability and power, it’s the first true 4K digital billboard in Nigeria with a display size of 800 square meters. The distinguish technology in which Maslow is made with allows it to adapt to any format, making its 3D features provide a unique advertising experience.

More so, Maslow exhibits to a total of at least 800,000 audience members per day, including both pedestrian and car traffic. It is visible to all inbound and outbound traffic from both domestic and international airports and an average of 36,000 vehicles per day with a dwell length of 35 minutes.

With all these potentials of Moslow, it is no doubt that the 3D billboard is the most upscale board in Africa. The Billboard display time is set to 24 seconds for each brand with the board being up for up to 19 hours each day.

Speaking on the backbone, Alpha & Jam’s CEO, Samuel Ajiboye, cited that the introduction of Moslow, a 3D digital LED billboard was an evidence of the company’s commitment to innovation and providing value to clients. He also cited that “Alpha & Jam is thrilled to be at the vanguard of this cutting-edge development and a new age in African advertising. We are innovatively working to redefine the consumer and brand experience”.

Implementation of Maslow in Lagos, Africa's First 3D Digital Billboard

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